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Jun 27

May 29

Busting out an essay hours before class? Ahyea. Let the countdown begin. Nothing but tears and stress and utter procrastination ahead. Finals and year end craziness, I look forward to you kicking my ass.

Day 1 of Dead Week (which is ironically, though not so unexpectedly, not so dead).

Apr 13

It’s amazing how unkind a few strings of words can be, intentional or not. Just a few quick, thoughtless responses and we sort of end up leaving our humanity by the wayside.

At the end of the day, I hope I can find empathy in suffering and compassion where I have fallen short.

Feb 7

multitasking like a boss

and yet still managing to be unproductive as fuck. How is this even possible?

The things I’m currently working on as follows:

1. Excel spreadsheet with my half-finished accounting homework

2. Word document with a rough draft of my ethics essay

3. Another Word document prepped for the final draft of that paper

4. Looking at the class lists for spring quarter, trying to figure out what I’m going to take

5. On to check professors teaching the classes I want for next semester

6. Emailing my ethics professor and classmates about paper mentioned in #3

7. Emailing an English professor discussing a study abroad class in Paris I’m considering trying to take

8. Adobe PDF of homework solutions for Japanese

9. On checking my work

10. PowerPoint with slides corresponding to my accounting book for chapter 4

11. Yet another Word document with the review guide I’m making for myself for that chapter

12. On tumblr. …What a mistake.

Things I’ve actually accomplished as follows:



Jan 24

Just went through a major purging and reorganizing of my email. I now have folders upon folders, and then even further subsets of those labels. Jeez, talk about an OCD flare up. Time to find a new hobby…or maybe just to make myself a cup of tea. :)

Jan 4

on the subtle nuances of accounting…

Got an email from my Accounting professor with my first day lecture notes attached.

"Accounting 230

Winter 2012

First Day Class Notes

I.    Introductions

        (1) Students & Instructor: including why Seattle U., why business major

        (2) Student information sheet

II.  The Business Curriculum and Accounting

(1)   Fifteen required courses

(2)   Some comments on the profession of accounting

         v Two accounting jokes 

         v Charlie Munger’s View of Accounting”

Mmm. You know it’s an accounting class when your teacher has to schedule in his jokes and sends his syllabus in a Excel spreadsheet. Happy Winter Quarter 2012 to me.

Dec 2

Dec 1

blasting the Christmas station

with a cup of tea. :) Makes the finals week blues a little bit brighter. I’ll be home in 10 days! But until then, I’ll enjoy my festive music and warm drink, and stare longingly at my Hawaii calender.

Nov 30

God, I remember reciting this line like non-stop when this movie first came out…and silently in my head every time I see the word “escape.”

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Nov 17


is the back of the arrow cutting into her face a little bit here?

because I’ve decided it does because I love it.

So excited for this movie. Don’t fail me Pixar!

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